• Refund And Cancellation Policy
  • a. Shubh Nivesh Jewellers Limited (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) operates this Shubh Nivesh Jewellers Limited (hereinafter referred as the “Scheme”).
  • b. The scheme is not transferable & non negotiable.
  • c. Customer(s) all ready filled the complete form, sign and submit the same along with the initial down payment as per the plan/scheme opted by the client at any specified location decided by the Company.

  • a. Client hereby accepts and acknowledges that she/he shall make payments of all monthly installments before or on due date as per the terms & conditions of particular plan opted by the client.
  • b. This agreement shall be effective subject to the encasement of initial cheque given by the client as mentioned aforesaid and on receipt of valid documents as prescribed by the company on time to time basis. The application form shall be processed with in a period of seven working days from the date of encasement of Cheque or submissions of complete application form with all documents as mentioned overleaf whichever is later. Client can made the down payment and monthly installment(s) by the way of ECS. Direct debit or directly from the website : www.shubhnivesh.net or at any/specified locations from time to time prescribed by the Company.

  • Case 1: Within first three months from the date of agreement/subscription of the scheme.
  • a.Delay in payment of monthly installment up to shall attract LPC (late payment charges) @ 1.5% PM on the installments amount from First unpaid installment date.
  • b.Delay in payment of monthly installment after delivery/maturity date shall be treated as “default” on the part of customer and will lead to Termination of Agreement and the amount paid by the customer shall stands forfeited (due to Distribution channel Expanse on order value)
  • Case 2: After First three months from the date of agreement/subscription of the scheme
  • c.Delay in payment of monthly installment shall attract LPC (late payment charges) @ 1.5% PM on the installments amount.
  • d.Delay in payment of monthly installment shall treated as “default” on the part of customer and will lead to Termination of agreement and shall be entitled for Refund Gold Jewellery value on maturity as follows Amount Received or Ledger Balance, whichever is lower after deduction 25% to 40% of Order Value (Distribution Channel Expanse of full Order Value).

  • D. CHARGES : (Distribution Channel Approx Gross Charges – (18 Carat/(22 Carat)/Diamonds-35%/25%/40% of full ordered Jewellery value).
  • a. Late fees

    b. Prepayment charges

    c. Cheque/Direct Debit/ECS Bouncing Charges

    d. Making Charges (18 Carat/22 Carat)/Diamonds

    e. Customize Making Charges (18 Carat/22 Carat)/Diamonds

    f. Part Making Charges and other statutory taxes as Local/Central Government

    g. Wastage & Polish Charges (18 Carat/22 Carat)/Diamonds

    h. Delivery Charges

    1.5% PM on the installment amount.

    5% on outstanding installments.

    Rs. 500 per bounce

    Minimum 15% of Jewellery Value.

    Minimum 15% of as per design. as mention in point D(iv) or (v)

    The Company shall charge applicable GST

    Minimum 15%/7.5% of Jewellery Value

    As per courier & Post Charges.

  • E. OTHERS:
  • a.PRODUCT DELIVERY LETTER that after making all due payments, Customer shall be entitled to collect the product from the delivery locations as opted by the customer by providing the particulars like his form no. ID documents or any other documents as required by the company. (Photo Adhar Card/Passport/Driving License/PAN Card).
  • i. On Maturity : Client can collect the physical delivery shall be collected from designated delivery centers after 30 days of realization of final payment along with authorization PRODUCT DELIVERY LETTER issued by the company.
  • ii. On prepayment : physical delivery only in the case of 2 years or more years plan. Part delivery can be taken.
  • iii. On Part delivery:
  • 1.Client can collect the part physical delivery only the case of 2 year or more years plan. Part delivery can be taken
  • 2.Part delivery request shall only be accepted after the successful completion of 1 year span.
  • iv.Company shall not be responsible if client does not take the delivery within six months of the expiry of scheme/plan opted by him/her.
  • b. NOMINATION : in the event of death of any customer, the customer’s account will be closed and product/refund for the amounts paid by customer to the company shall be given to the nominees. Customer is required to provide for the details of nominees from at the time of opening the account or any time thereafter in the matter as required by the company. Nominee needs to submitted such documents as required by the company before claiming the dues.
  • c. INDEMNIFICATION : Customer undertakes to indemnify and always keep indemnified the company its directors, officers, employees and marketing officials or any person acting on behalf of the Company for any punitive or legal action for violation of any rules or regulations or laws of the land or any other guidelines issued by any govt. authority or any judicial or quasi judicial authority on time to time basis.
  • d. LIMITATION of LIABILITYCompany shall not be liable to any party including Customer for any direct, indirect, special, incidental, consequential, punitive, exemplary, trebled, multiplied, or any other loss, hurt or damages, arising in any manner from this agreement/or the performance or non performance hereunder. Whether or not the other party was informed of the likehood of such loss, hurt, damages, etc and whether under contract, tort or any other theory. Notwithstanding anything contained herein, the maximum liability of the company to the customer or any other person under and in connection with the scheme shall at all times be limited to the amount paid by the customer to the company.
  • e. TERMINATION Company retains the right cancel this agreement.
  • i. In the event of information/documents submitted by the customer, are fount to be incomplete, incorrect misrepresenting or have been fraudulently provided.
  • ii.In the event on the payment/installment(s) not received on due dates as prescribed herein above.
  • f. CHANGE IN EXISTING LAWSIn case of any change to the terms and conditions of this scheme due to any change in laws rules, regulation, order made by any statutory. Regulatory authority local body, customers hereby agrees to abide by such change and carry on such requirement(s) as may be required.
  • g. NOTICECustomers shall be deemed to be aware of any communication sent by the company as its address provided in the client Application form. Any change in the address need to promptly informed to the company.
  • h. ARBITRATIONin the event that any dispute arises in connection with this agreement, such a disputes shall be settled in accordance with the Arbitration and concilliation Act, 1996. The arbitration proceeding shall be conducted by the sole Arbitrator to e appointed by the Company Language of Arbitration proceeding shall be English. The arbitration shall take place in Bareilly. The arbitration award shall be final and binding on both the parties. Each party shall bear its own expenses.
  • i. GOVERNING LAWAND JURISDICTION :This scheme shall be governed and constructed in accordance with the laws of India and subject to the jurisdiction of courts at Bareilly.
  • i. The company reserves the right to alter, amend, add or delete part of whole of the terms of these terms without prior notice.
  • ii. Discretion of the company: any conditions which are not explicity covered herein would be as per the discretion of the company the decision of the company in this regards shall be deemed as irrevocable and final.
  • k. DECLARATION : (All Ready signed on order form).The terms and conditions which are in force have been read & understand by me on order time & signed the form. I/We have understood the same. I/We agree to abide by and to be bound by the rules as are in force from time to time. I/We also declare that the particular given by me and true to the best of our knowledge as on the date of making such application. I/We further agree that any false or misleading information given by me or suppression of any material fact will render our account liable for termination and further action.

  • 1. ENROLLMENT IN THE Shubh Nivesh Jewellery Purchase Scheme by a customer would signify placement of an order for jewelry by customer.

  • 2. This is a Jewellery purchase scheme. Under no circumstances will there be any cash refund.

  • 3. 24/22/18 carat gold coin bought under this scheme if diamonds order than deliver only diamonds jewelry under no circumstances will there be any change.

  • 4. No discount will be provided in case of premature closure of the scheme.

  • 5. Installments must be paid within 15 days of the due date to avoid payment charges @1.5% per month.

  • 6. At the time of joining the scheme, you will be supplied with a contract Certificate which you are required to keep under safe custody.

  • 7. Please check that all payments made are correctly entered in the every receipt. Any discrepancy should be immediately brought to the notice of the respective manager.

  • 8. All customers are advised to read and comply with the security information & the detailed terms and conditions in the Registration Certificate.

  • Shubh Nivesh Jewellers Limited reserves the right to alter, amend, add or delete part or whole of the privileges of the scheme without prior notice.
  • Shubh Nivesh Jewellers is the sponsor of the scheme and reserves the right to suspend the scheme at any time. In such event, the member may purchase any item at the store, equal to the value of money accumulated in the account as on that day.

  • *Important :The company is not responsible for any type of cash paid by you to anybody. Please pay only by Account payee Cheque in favor of Shubh Nivesh Jewellers Ltd. Payable at Bareilly or transfer in the Bank A/c of Shubh Nivesh Jewellers Ltd., State Bank of India, Rajendra Nagar, Bareilly, A/c No. 32563811841, IFSC : SBIN0013266.

  • Delivery center :Mention your Product Deliver Letter.
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